Photo_of_Nov_16_timetable.JPG Details of the Classes:

Fitness Pilates

Learn to control the muscles of your body with exercises and movements that engage the mind and body. Strengthen your whole body, including your core. Develop body awareness, increase flexibility, improve balance and posture and decrease stress with regular consistent practice.


Grab your swimming costume for a fun, energetic class! Enjoy your workout using light weights and noodles to music. Aquacise is a great, all-round exercise, suitable for all ages that protects your joints with minimal impact aerobic and resistance based movements.

Bingo Wings & Biceps 

A class designed specifically to tighten up those wobbly bits on the arms! All drills deliver a fast, fun and effective workout to leave your arms feeling tight and toned. 

Active Mum Outdoors

An outdoor exercise class for new mums of all fitness levels. A gentle warm up starts the session and then we move onto a mixture of exercises aimed at building strength across the whole body including core muscles that are beneficial to develop after having a baby. Baby’s love watching their mothers exercising and there are plenty of places to stop and feed or change if needed. The classes have a great social component as you exercise, making it a great place to meet other new mums.

Bring a towel, exercise mat or even a picnic blanket for floor work and a drink with you to the session.

Body Conditioning      

Using both cardio and resistance training this class works the whole body. This is the class to burn calories, improve tone, have fun and continually develop your fitness levels with a whole body workout. 


The biggest brand in boxing fitness! Boxercise adapts age old boxing training principles to form a fun, addictive, safe, stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability. 

Fitball Core

Using a range of different exercises aided by an exercise ball, this class will help give you a mix of different exercises to include as part of your gym workouts.


A total body workout to improve muscular strength, endurance and assist with aerobic fitness. An invigorating 45 minute group barbell workout that exercises all major muscle groups for a more toned and fitter you. Prepare to squat, lift and curl in this intense group work out.

Running Club

All abilities are welcome as we complete 2 laps of the Forest Trail covering a distance of 4km. Varying terrain and twists and turns make for a fun class. A mix of running paces to suit every member of the class. Enjoy the fast sessions as we whizz through the forest and take in the awesome views as we slow down the pace.

Legs, Bums and Tums 

Tone up, firm up and burn fat from your tummy, hips, thighs and bottom with this energetic 45 minute class.

Studio Spin

A energetic class with great music, motivating instructors and a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. You will burn up to 750 calories in our challenging 45 minute class. Our instructors will have you powering up hills as we get out of the saddle and then spinning away as we descend. Our spinning class is low impact, so it is suitable for most people and accommodates all ability levels.


A gentle class which brings harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Stretches and yoga postures are practised to improve flexibility, strength and balance. These are combined with breath awareness, meditation and relaxation techniques, which together bring about a feeling of peace and well-being.


Using a combination of resistance, body weight and cardiovascular exercises, each participant is pushed towards their aerobic and muscular potential. By working at this intensity your body will not only burn fat while you exercise but it will continue to burn at a higher rate for a sustained period post exercise, making it a win-win activity!