Gym Sessions

You are now required to pre-book a gym session. They are released on a rolling 7 day basis by the hour. Each session costs £4.00 for park guests and for members it is included. Please ensure you have read the terms & conditions shown below.

It is important to us that everyone has the same opportunities to access our facilities so we would also like to reiterate that you are only allowed to pre-book a maximum of 1 session of each activity (gym, swim, spa) per day.  You are not allowed to pre-book back to back sessions for the same activity, however you can request on your arrival that if there is space in the following session that you would like to stay in the swimming pool, gym or spa for longer.

We are unfortunately seeing the number of no shows increase and this is stopping other people from enjoying our facilities. Please cancel your booking (either online or by telephone) if you know you are not going to be using the activity session.